Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stocking Stuffers for Her: Lovely Neutrals

Neutrals can often be overlooked during the tinsel-strewn, color-saturated holiday season. As much as I love vibrant, celebratory hues for their ability to liven up an otherwise dull and dreary winter, there's also something really alluring about about soft beige woolens, textured grey knits, and creamy cottons at this time of year. While you should certainly pile on the exuberant brights, try throwing in a nice neutral here and there to break up the Technicolor Christmas vibe. The following would make luxe, sophisticated stocking stuffers for the lady in your life.

A chunky scarf to nuzzle up to. Calypso Olsen Collar Scarf, $190.

Stella McCartney's Day-of-the-Week undies feature delicate floral embroidery and come packaged in a miniature set of drawers. 7 Day Knicker Set, $195. Also available in a weekend version, $90.

Sadly, the beautiful grey Indian Aster necklace from Spool No. 72 is out of stock, but the cream is still available. $38.

An adorable beech wood incense burner. Smokehouse, $36 @ Gretel Home. Only three left in stock!

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