Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Swedes, Again

Thanks to XClamation Marcus over at NotCot, I think I've found a new favorite menswear e-tailer. 111Vox is a Swedish site (not to worry -- they ship internationally) that has provided me with enough blog content for the next several weeks. To start, here are some stylish cold weather accessories worthy of weathering Scandinavian winters.

The Origami scarf by SoloUniko snuggles up to your neck and has a button to keep it in place. $66.

I think my little bro had gloves like these in the 80's. Vasuma goat leather gloves with red trim detail, $41.

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  1. I had been looking for Gram Shoes for forever and they turned up in a Google search. I'm just glad to spread the love.

  2. Thanks! Gram shoes are great -- glad you found them. I love how Googling sometimes yields these great foreign sites. That's how I discovered Styleserver.

  3. I love Gram as well! That's why i decided to start selling them... if you want check out the great selection.. and email and i'll give you a special coupon just for coming from this rad blog!