Sunday, July 1, 2007

Accessory to a Crime

If, like me, you are experiencing the rapture of summertime bliss, (i.e. enjoying late nights out sans jacket, tumbling in and out of taxis as you crisscross town, lounging langorously at sidewalk cafes and talking into the wee hours, attending rooftop barbecues, outdoor concerts, and things of that ilk), then you know that these days of heightened social activity (and levels of inebriation) are prone to getting you into all kinds of trouble. Hopefully, it's the fun sort, but here are some things you might want to be wearing when you get tipsy/kissed/arrested.

If you're ready to paint the town red, this mesh clutch from Felix Rey is up to the task. $180 @ Active Endeavors.

Pair it with an easy, silky summer top and superskinny grey jeans. Top by Kate and Kass, $132 @ Active Endeavors.

This one will take you from the barbecue to the bars. Spring & Clifton chevron stripe leotard with belt, $202 @ Shopbop.

Kenneth Jay Lane pyramid bracelets @ Max & Chloe, $98 each.
This fun bracelet should inspire you to unleash your hedonistic tendencies. Ram's head bracelet by Kenneth Jay Lane, available @ Max & Chloe, $115.
If it's too hot for them jeans, you could always throw on this slip of a dress. Silky, sultry, and climate-friendly. Plus, it looks hot on a motorcycle. WAYF dress on sale @ Shopbop, $181.50. They also have black at regular price, $363.

Let's not forget the requisite racy underthings. Try layering that dress over a slinky chemise. My new favorite is by The Lake & Stars, a saucy Brooklyn-based design duo that's been generating a lot of buzz lately. The fun is all in the attention to detail (think intricate closures), and I like them even more knowing that they take their name from a naughty Victorian expression used to describe a woman who has skills in the bedroom ("She gave him the lake and stars"). In addition to underwear, they've also been known to cut a mean trench coat. The Lake & Stars Tootsie Chemise, $127, at Shopbop.

I'm really digging this wine color lately, because it reminds me of . . . wine.
Elle Macpherson Intimates Belle Contour Bra
, $70, and assorted styles in bottoms, available @ Shopbop.

I recently discovered that Agent Provocateur's Nikita demi is quite possibly the best bra ever designed. I am especially well-versed in the art of wearing low-cut tops, so you would do well to heed my advice. Demi cuts are unparalleled when it comes to displaying one's assets, and even though this one is cut dangerously low, it somehow manages to keep the goods tucked safely where they belong. Though I wish the straps were more dainty (better for spaghetti strap tops), it's still a hottie. $135 @ Agent Provocateur boutiques and online.

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