Friday, June 29, 2007

For the Boys

When in search of a gift for my ultra-picky youngest bro, I can always count on Upper Playground to satisfy. While I'm at it, I usually pick up a little something for middle bro, too, who is always just excited to have a new shirt. He's never been to San Francisco, but he likes rocking the Fillmore hoodie on the streets of Baltimore. Since they always have something new, I invariably end up picking up one (or three) of the designs for myself in the women's versions. Since I'm no longer in SF, the website takes my business.

In addition to their own collection, their tees and hoodies feature the work of artists and photographers like Estevan Oriol, Sam Flores, and others from the Fifty24SF Gallery.

Estevan Oriol's cars are hugely popular. This is the Sparks tee I have that guys always seem to ask me about. License plate: Chill 57.
Here's one of his newer designs, Purple Haze.

Try looking at it without hearing a scratch. Herbert Baglione, from the Fifty24SF collection.

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

And some from Upper Playground's collection.

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