Friday, June 15, 2007

A Word From Our Shopper

I have been known to rock fur in the daytime. And ride pink elephants. And sometimes both at once (see photo). I come to New York by way of San Francisco, which is, empirically and without a doubt, the most beautiful city in America. However, I am at present having a delicious affair with NYC. People always have to talk about the energy of New York. There is a palpable current that seems to run through it, an electric excitement that buzzes through me when I walk along sidewalks crowded with so many strangers. I wonder how long it will be before the bloom wears off.

New York also happens to be home to some kick-ass shopping and provides ample opportunities for people watching. One never grows weary of observing its stylish denizens and beautiful, unique faces, and what makes these characters even more interesting is that they usually come with a story. The people I see, meet, and interact with on a daily basis are great muses for novelists, filmmakers, songwriters, and the occasional fashion diarist.

I am a collector of sorts. I lovingly gather objets trouvés in my daily life, and the only hard and fast rule is that it must resonate with me aesthetically or I must respond to it on an emotional level. I can't always articulate why I find something pleasing. I let my instincts guide me and trust that if my eyes linger on something, it's usually something worth seeing.

This site aims to inspire. I scour the internets for things that appeal to me, culling looks from anywhere and everywhere for your perusal, just as I might if I ran a shop. I compile fashion resources (both online and offline) to make it a one-stop that you can turn to when you're feeling sartorially challenged or are just in need of some quick retail therapy.

I hope you like. Happy shopping.

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