Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Boys Club

I like taking guys to Freemans Sporting Club. I think it's the type of place I might frequent if I were a stylish young man with vintage-modern sensibilities and a penchant for bespoke suits and old-school haberdasheries. I'd also need to be making bank to afford such fine and fashionable wares. Perhaps I could be a sensitive investment banker, or an independently wealthy writer/intellectual who'd renounced his old-money ways but kept his old-moneyed bank account (and maybe a taxidermied animal or two). I'd pop in at the barbershop for a haircut (no appointment necessary), pick up some grooming aids and magazines, and get measured for my hand-tailored suit before heading to dinner at Freemans Restaurant.

If you can't make it to Freemans Alley, a limited selection of merchandise is available online exclusively through Refinery29. Invest in some refined cool with pieces that will "last long enough to be willed to your heirs."

Black & White Seersucker tie. $95, FSC @ Refinery29.
Edwin Jagger polished chrome shaving kit. Do you really want to know how much?

This stuff is so good. I know it may sound a bit fancy and is on the pricey side for a shaving cream, but your girlfriend won't be able to stay away from you (let's just say it's been tested and verified). Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula hydrating shaving cream with soothing botanical extracts, $16, FSC at Refinery29.

Freemans Sporting Club is located at 8 Rivington St. You can email them to discuss your tailoring needs and set up an appointment for their Made to Measure program at custom@freemanssportingclub.com.

All images from Refinery29

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