Friday, July 20, 2007

Cardigan Rockers

I recently stumbled upon further proof to support my long-held conviction that a guy can't go wrong with anything from A.P.C. The label manages to render even hard-to-pull-off looks totally wearable. Case in point: the cardigan. Though I happen to think the look can be especially cute on the right guy, it can also be tricky, as there are numerous ways it could go very, very badly. You want to avoid seeming pretentious, geriatric, or fat, and you definitely want to steer clear of Mr. Rogers' neighborhood. Avoid anything baggy (see "geriatric") , opting instead for something a little more body-conscious, but not too tight (see "pretentious" and "fat"), and say NO to pastels (see Sr. Rogers). A.P.C's slim-fitting, black striped cardi is the perfect antidote to the aforementioned style missteps.

The price of perfection in a cardi runs about $227.

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