Thursday, July 5, 2007

Investing in Hotness

Bikini season is in full swing, which means New Yorkers, having shed their erstwhile wintry pallor, have suddenly morphed into bronzed goddesses. Whether your tan is from weekends in the Hamptons, getaways to exotic destinations, or comes in a can, you'll want to take notes on today's Classics edition: Essential Swimsuits.

For showing off that golden tan, Missoni's iconic zigzag knit string bikini (below) is by now a resort classic for starlets and socialite heiresses who lounge poolside. The style frequently sells out, so if you didn't order one this spring, it may be difficult to come by. Net-a-porter currently has the Cadice Crochet bikini in stock for $345 (WORTH IT).

If I were to recommend just one suit to see you through the summer, it would have to be an Eres. Eres' stylish, streamlined, and always-chic suits are an absolute must for your summertime wardrobe. They manage to be sexy while staying classy, and the fit is unparalleled, which makes the high price point a little easier to swallow. The bikinis are cut to be ultra-flattering, and their one-pieces are anything but boring. See the website for the current collection.

I might also add a Tomas Maier suit to the mix. Here's the Saint-Tropez, a classic triangle bikini with a little twist. $395 @ Tomas Maier. Also available in black and lilac.

If you're worried about being out of shape and your regular gym routine (or lack thereof) isn't getting you there, I highly recommend taking one of Carl's classes at Crunch (Lafayette or SoHo locations). I've been a Carl devotee for four months now and even though I've always worked out fairly regularly, I didn't start getting the results I wanted until he entered my life. I'm clearly not alone in this sentiment, as wails of protest errupt if he announces he's going on vacation, and his classes always fill up quickly. The class focuses on calisthenics using your own body weight or very light weights so there's no danger of bulking up, and he switches up the exercises so you're always doing something different from one session to the next. Supplement your cardio (or whatever you usually do) with two Chisel classes a week (or one Chisel and one Beach Body Bootcamp, also taught by Carl) and you'll notice a difference pretty much immediately. It won't make you lose weight, but it tightens and tones all your trouble spots. Perfect for that teeny bikini :)

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