Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And Summer is Gone

It's the last real week of summer. I can tell because the NYU kids have descended upon the neighborhood, filling it with their debauched hollering at all hours of the night. I look out my window and see them swarming all over the sidewalks, like so many caterpillars in springtime. It always seems like there are more this year than there were last, no? At 26, I sound like a cantankerous old crone who needs to turn down the hearing aid, pop a Valium, and go find something to knit. It's funny how when I was at college and the locals complained about the level of noise/general obnoxiousness being unbearable, we always shot back that they were the ones who'd chosen to live right next to a university. So I guess I signed up for this.

But I digress. There's a little bit of summer left to savor, and now is the time to partake in everything you never got around to doing before autumn sets in, including some warm weather buys at a fraction of the cost. Wear 'em while you still can, then store away for next year.

Charlotte Ronson v-neck tie-strap top @ 80's Purple, $80.40.

C. Ronson Roxie pumps, $82.90 @ Bluefly.

Daily Candy Deals recently featured these adorable flats. Luiza Barcelos' Cote d'Azur peep-toe flats, $32 @ Flip Flop Trunkshow.

Alternative Apparel candy stripe crew, $21 @ Standard Style.

Photo credit: 1) www.80spurple.com. 2) www.bluefly.com . 3) www.flipfloptrunkshow.com. 4) www.standardstyle.com.

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