Thursday, August 2, 2007

Change it Up

A guy wearing a button-down as going-out attire can be wearisome. Not only is the look tired, but it requires zero effort, and there's nothing to distinguish you from the sea of young men swarming all over Manhattan on a Friday night, clad in similar dress. Over the years, it's become a uniform for some guys, and as nice as some of their shirts are, I'm ready to turn the look on its head. Lately I've been digging button-downs for day, as the look is a bit more formal than expected. I like when the button-down looks clean but a bit rumpled, creating a dressy-but-slightly disheveled look, and the sleeves are carelessly upturned or rolled. Here are two examples found at Oak's 50% off sale.

Loden Dager worker stripe shirt, $77.

Nicole Farhi outline stripe shirt, $96.

This necklace would've made the perfect accessory, but alas, it's sold out. Similar styles are still available. By Foxman. UPDATE: I was at the Oak yesterday (8/12) and they have.

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