Monday, September 3, 2007

Choose Your Stripes Wisely

While looking for bloggable pieces for my Men's Outerwear series, I came across two more great hoodies. While both are worthy of Shoptometrist love, they are a bit similar, and though I'm not one to chastise a person for being spendy, I wont allow you to get both. There's simply no sense in buying two very similar jackets, especially if it means you can't afford to go out anywhere and be seen in said jacket. Buy just one and save the rest of your hard-earned cash for all the shows you'll want to catch this fall. So, the striped or the plaid? You decide. Weighing in on both . . .

This cozy thing in a cool black-on-charcoal stripe combo won't break the bank and has a little pocket for your ID and ticket stubs. Worth Hoodie by Barking Irons, $160 @ Revolve.

This Rogues Gallery Northwoods Jacket is twice the price but will take you further into the season, as it can brave colder weather. $319 @ Tobi.

I'm leaning towards the second.

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