Monday, October 15, 2007

Asian Persuasion

I went to high school with a lot of very stylish Korean kids. Year after year, they dominated the best-dressed category in the Senior Superlatives section of the yearbook. No one else stood a chance against their sartorial prowess and taste for impeccably tailored threads. Whenever I'd ask where a well-heeled teenage fashionista got her amazing dress/pants/coat, my heart would sink at the inevitable response:"I got it during my last trip to Korea . . . and it was sooo inexpensive!" There was nothing I could do to gain access to this magical realm of all things stylish-yet-affordable, save beg them to take me with them on their next excursion, or try to convince my parents to extend our trips to Pakistan to accommodate a Korean shopping spree.

Eight years later, my style envy has come to an end. My latest obsession, particularly in menswear, is a website called which features trendy fashion labels from South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong at ridiculously low prices. This week, I'll be featuring some of my favorite finds.

Portfranc turtleneck hoodie, $35. The oversized neck looks so cozy.

Polo by Rainbow Pill, $52. I really liked the look of this, but upon closer inspection, it has a bit too much going on with the shoulder/sleeve detail and the screenprint on the back.

My favorite pick is this slim trench from TMC Homme. It looks like it's cut really well, and comes with a vest, which, if you can pull off, makes for a very dapper look. $265.

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