Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Buttoned Down Perfection

I have to be up in 2.5 hours for a meeting at work, but just as I was about to turn in for the night, I remembered that I needed to make good on my promise to deliver the best in fall button downs. It's wrong that I should lose sleep because of this compulsion, but my blogging is done out of love (though some would term it "insanity") and a desire to provide a much needed service to the sartorially destitute. To those bereft of style (or stylish peeps just looking to augment their wardrobes), I present these great button-downs.

Not only does Apolis Activism support fair working conditions, but they also cut a mean, lean shirt. Woven shirt, $114 @ Context.

The Military Woven in Army, $123 @ Context. Love the pocket detail and straps to keep your sleeves up. Also available in black.
The Woven in white, $114 @ Context.

This pale-blue, slim fitting style by Corpus has front hand pockets. $132 @ Context. Also available in pale pink.

Photo credit: www.contextclothing.com

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