Friday, October 26, 2007

Hockeyfrilla Style

I like that this Nice Collective tee follows the same principle as the mullet.

The shield says business in the front . . .

But the stars scream party in the back. $75 @ Jake.

Wikipedia's mullet entry also includes the names for the hairstyle in several other languages. My favorites are the Swedish hockeyfrilla (meaning "ice hockey haircut"), the Croatian fudbalerka (referring to soccer player hair), and the Danish Bundesliga-hår (named after the hairstyle once common among Bundesliga soccer players).

On a mullet-related tangent, and because it's the weekend, I'm giving you a bonus pic of Mario Lopez as Albert Clifford (A.C.) Slater, in all his dimpled, permed, and mulleted glory. Enjoy . . . and go Bayside.

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