Thursday, October 11, 2007

Play it Again and Again

I've been wearing a lot of plaid lately. It's totally having a neo-grunge moment in my closet. Only this time around I like to pair longer button-downs with bold, chunky jewelry (gold or plastic), black tights, and depending on my mood, a belt. I just found yet another plaid shirtdress to love:

Charlotte Ronson plaid top
, $202 @ Shopbop. This would look great with skinny black jeans tucked into slouchy ankle boots.

Here's more of an Americana look from Jovovich-Hawk (yes, as in Mila. If you are unfamiliar with her line, crawl out from under that rock and get yourself acquainted -- it's good stuff). Johnny Appleseed blouse, $210 @ Blaec.

If you don't feel like spending top dollar for these, I recently saw some decent ones at Beacon's Closet for cheap.

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