Friday, October 19, 2007

Playing Office

So I'm on a bit of a secretary kick today. I love the whole sweet/saucy paradox of frilly, ladylike looks with an unexpected dose of sex appeal, such as a lacy blouse with not much underneath, a plunging keyhole strategically placed to reveal a sliver of skin, or French net tights (essentially fishnets with a tighter, close-knit weave, which are still sexy but lack the overt raciness of their more loosely woven, streetwalker-preferred counterparts).

Here's a perfect example of secretary-chic. What would otherwise be a rather demure, long-sleeved turtleneck dress is given the come-hither treatment with a slit down-to-there and a body-hugging fit. The punchy color funs it up some more. Pair with aforementioned French net tights, and chances are, every boy in every office in Midtown will want you to be his Girl Friday.

Nieves Lavi wool jersey turtleneck dress, $335 @ Nordstrom.

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