Friday, November 2, 2007

Turning on the Brights

Living in Manhattan affords so many opportunities to people-watch. I like to play little observation games with myself whenever I'm standing around waiting for a train or bus. I love noticing things that stand out or break up the monotony in an everyday scene, like a bright red scarf bobbing up and down the sidewalk, disappearing and reappearing in the swarm of black coats. There are certain things my eyes just want to follow. This M by Missoni scarf is definitely one of them. With its chevron stripes and panoply of poppy colors (shot through with a gold lurex thread), it's caught my attention and won't let go.

M Missoni Berry Scarf
, $175 @ Tobi.

If you want to go really bold, try the dress version. It would look smart peeking out from beneath a black or neutral colored coat. M Missoni Zig Zag T-Neck Dress, $495 @ Tobi.
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