Friday, December 14, 2007

Bag Decisions

With a handbag line that's as beautiful as their clothing collections, Erotokritos will be my financial ruin. Try as I might, I can't resist this perfectly slouchy bag in crinkled patent leather. Leaning towards the black . . .

Erotokritos Handbags Wrinkled Patent Big Basquet Bag
, $782 @ Shopbop.

Curious about the name (what would life be without Wiki?), I looked it up and came across the following nugget of info. From Wikipedia:

Erotokritos (Greek Ερωτόκριτος) is a romance composed by Vitsentzos Kornaros in early 17th century Crete. It consists of 10,012 fifteen-syllable rhymed verses.

Its themes are love, honour, friendship and courage. It is written in characteristic Cretan language and rhyme, similar to traditional mantinades.

Erotokritos and the Erophili of Georgios Hortatzis constitutes the classic examples of Greek renaissance literature.

Erotokritos still remains a popular classic work, largely due to the music that accompanies it. Several groups of (well known) Cretan musicians have put selected parts of the poet to music, resulting in beautiful and extremely Cretan exposures of musical art, often searching the edges of the local musical tradition.

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