Friday, December 7, 2007

Collecting Lovely Junk

It's a half day at work today so I'll be off by noon. Shall I go shopping? Lately all I'm into is buying things for my apartment. I asked my lovely roomie, Jess, if she minded that I was slowly turning our apartment into Anthropologie.

Though the dream of living in a charming West Village brownstone gave way to practical considerations, yielding a converted 1 BR in a high-rise in the heart of NYU town, I still pack my cupboards full of random, mismatched tchotchkes, in hopes of one day becoming Amelie. I'm getting closer, one trinket at a time.

Some recent purchases, which also make really great gifts:

You really have to view this lovely apron in person to see just how pretty it is. Not that I know how to cook anything but Mac 'n Cheese. It just really makes me wish my name was Sonja or Astrid or Birgit, and that I could wear it while cooking up Swedish pancakes for Gunnar, my blond, Scandinavian lover. Needle Art Apron, $32.

Gunnar and I might also slurp hot chocolate out of these enormous mugs/bowls. Two Hands Mug, $12 each.

We'll salt and pepper things to taste with these adorable Babushka doll shakers. $18 a pair.

We're totally a green couple, so we'll decorate our seaside cottage with things like vases made of recycled magazines. Confetti vases, $18-24. I picked up the coasters, too.

On cold nights, this ultrasoft Handknit Chunky Throw by Twinkle will keep us toasty. I got the cream version on sale for $99.95 (was $268!).

For anyone keeping score, I used the word "lovely" three times in this post. If you're looking to buy me a gift, a thesaurus might be helpful.

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  1. The doll shakers are to die for!! BTW, we love you at! We added you to our most loved list of blogs on our trendinista blog ;)

  2. Thanks so much. I'll definitely take a look at your site :)