Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Intimate Details

Azaleas is one of my favorite spots to shop intimates and swimwear. They also have a small, but well-edited selection of apparel. The gals who work there are helpful but never pushy (I hate the overbearing lingerie salespeople prevalent at so many boutiques. It is never okay to fling open a dressing room curtain on an unsuspecting shopper and manhandle their goods. Yes, it's happened -- twice).

I am also posting this for any of you boys who are planning on buying racy underthings for your special ladies for the holidays, because I don't want them to have to endure the horrors of my romantic past, which have included tacky lingerie gifts of the Fredericks-of-Hollywood variety. If you actually want your girl to wear it (and to be rewarded for your efforts), try picking something she might actually like.

If you don't live in the neighborhood(223 East 10th St.), you can shop the Azaleas website. Some current must-haves:

I'm in love with this color. Deborah Marquit Lace Demi Bra in Royal Blue, $125.

Here's another Deborah Marquit stunner in Emerald. "Victorian Ecology" Demi Bra, $125.

*Tip: If you like these lacy styles and vivid hues but don't want to break the bank, try Honeydew's Bralettes ($28) and matching knickers ($18). They're also incredibly comfortable.

For something a bit more classic and romantic, there's the "Portrait of a Lady" bra by Pfiff. $52. There's also a matching thong. Know before you click -- picture NSFW.

I'm a huge proponent of wearing an underpinning as a top, provided it's done in a tasteful manner (i.e., no Britney thongs hanging out of the back of your jeans, and ass-less chaps, once championed by Christina Aguilera during her particularly raunchy "Dirrrty" phase, are never a good idea). The great thing about a corset cami like this one is that it looks great under a blazer or jacket, and no one has to know. Belabumbum "Diamond Lace" Corset Camisole, $62.

Photo credit: www.azaleasnyc.com

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