Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"We Need You Back in SF."

It's been a pretty big week at work thus far so I haven't had a chance to post, but I'll give you twice the love tomorrow.

It's about 12:45 on a Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning and I'm barely able to type this sentence -- I only managed to steal a few hours of sleep last night and it really showed today. I woke up wishing I could just throw on a t-shirt and walk out the door, before remembering that I don't live in California anymore and gale-force winds and icy temps would greet me out of doors. Also, work in Nueva York requires me to adhere to a dress code.

I missed California again when my friend Kashian, in town from SF for a couple of days, invited me out tonight and exhaustion had me in too sorry a state to go out and meet him (I was in no mood for The Box, his chosen destination). He'll be calling me any second now to lay on the guilt trip. Waiting . . .

I must have sounded bloody awful, because I had to assure Kash that I wasn't depressed and that New York wasn't doing horrible things to me. While it has certainly kicked my ass over the past several days, I am confident that a little sleep and a decent meal will render me good as new.

For now, let's wistfully recall the days when we could step outside in t-shirts without having to think about the chill, or where we had to be. Here's Arteries, a design by Quentin & Claude. It's for the menfolk, but would be great to borrow. Until t-shirt days arrive, layer away. Boys: pair with wraparound scarf, hoodie, and jacket on top. Ladies: think cable knit tights, boots, a long cardi on top, and lots of necklaces.

$75 @ Active Endeavors.

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