Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lighten Up For Spring

Handbags for Spring/Summer are typically a lot less serious than their Fall/Winter counterparts. They often feature easier, less-structured shapes, bright colors, or whimsical accents, and somehow, no matter what their size, they give the illusion that you've got a lot less to carry. Whether or not it's all in your head, here are some spring bags that'll look great on your arm.

The slouchy Riverstone bag from Anthropologie is such a great, go-with-everything neutral, and the adjustable straps allow you to customize its shape. $248.

Once upon a time, I loved Anna Corinna's city tote, but grew weary of seeing it adorn every other arm that elbowed past on the street. This eco-friendly interpretation, however, made of leather and biodegradable burlap, has rekindled my affection. Foley + Corinna Country Tote, $444, exclusive to Shopbop.

The glazed leather Jet Setter Jr. Tote in a sunny hue, also from Foley + Corinna. $492 @ Shopbop.

A lovely, ladylike number in French Blue pebbled leather. Zac Posen Iconic Zac Sac, $1,295 @ Shopbop's Designer Boutique.

Photo credit: 1) www.anthropologie.com. 2-4) www.shopbop.com

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