Sunday, January 20, 2008

The MIA-ness

Ladies and Gents,

You may have noticed a bit of a slowdown in the frequency of posts here on the Shoptometrist as of late. Don't fret though. Good things are underway. I've just been settling in to an exciting new job with fashion-focused online media company, Coutorture (a subsidiary of Sugar, Inc). To give you an idea, activities over the last two weeks alone have involved brainstorming and writing fashion features and spreads, networking with designers to set up interviews, putting together our own editorial shoot (I'll provide the link as soon as it's up), preparing for the madness that is fashion week, and attending trend forecasting seminars. It's a small shop, so we pretty much do everything on our own.

While this frenzied state of activity continues, I'll continue to bring the goodness at The Shoptometrist. With the new gig comes the added benefit of learning new tricks, so expect some fun new features to roll out over the course of the next few months.

Thanks for your patience, and as always, happy shopping.

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