Monday, January 28, 2008

Socks for Seasonal Affective Disorder

We're now heading into February, and these are tough times. Having arrived at the final, most bitter part of the seemingly interminable winter, we're teased by window displays that promise the prospect of spring being just around the corner. We wish it would just get here already and breathe a collective, frustrated sigh at the thought of another month spent trapped in a drab, dreary, urban landscape.

Chin up, cheer up, and get yourself a little something to bring the bounce back into your step (no, I don't mean drugs). Sometimes all it takes is throwing in a new twist to shake the monotony out of an old routine. These dress socks from Seize sur Vingt manage to add just the right dose of fun to a staid menswear staple, without venturing into tacky territory. $28 @ Refinery29.

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