Monday, January 21, 2008

Undies of the Year Award

After conducting an extensive investigation into the subject of men's underwear, the results are in. Of the menfolk polled in my informal survey, an overwhelming majority declared American Apparel's Baby Rib brief to be their undies of choice for wearing under slim-fitting jeans and pants. The one request they might make to the folks at AA is offering a lower-rise version of this beloved style. Available in a veritable Skittles rainbow of color options, the cotton version shown below will cost you $12 for a three-pack, while the organic, color-free version is currently on sale for $8.00.

Thanks to all the participants who divulged the secrets of their innermost garments, as well as all the commenters who weighed in. On the off chance American Apparel doesn't suit you, you might want to try these honorable mentions recommended by commenters Andy, Marcus, Jz, and Cleanunderoos. I haven't provided pictures for these brands because many of their sites contained NSFW photos of overstuffed man meat, and I wouldn't want to be responsible for sparking any office rumors about your predilection for watching gay porn while on the clock.

1. Going commando (yes, the term has earned its own Wikipedia entry). As long as you don't come over and sit on my furniture. I'd like to think there's a little more separating you and your Calvins from my Jennifer Convertibles.

2. If you're a simple man, you can never go wrong with regular Jockeys. They're also fairly inexpensive. Try the no-fly trunk style, a favorite among the skinny-jeans-sporting set.

3. Some of you may need something more fun. Please tread carefully here -- your girl/guy may like your fun personality, but under no circumstances should it be expressed via Family Guy underpants. We heart Stewie Griffin just as much as you do. Just not on your undies). Paul Frank has some prints that aren't too tacky.

4. Some newer lines I haven't explored in much detail are 2xist and C-in2. 2xist offers a no-show style in both briefs and trunks which, short of wearing a thong, is probably the best way to avoid unsightly lines if your jeans are super slim. They're also made of environmentally friendly soy fiber. C-in2 also does a no-show style in what's possibly the lowest rise you'll find among mens underwear offerings. And they did it without making it look too silly. Try the lengthy-named Fatigue Olive Sling Support Lo No Show Profile Brief.

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