Thursday, January 3, 2008

Warm Hands

Today has got to be the coldest day yet. Stay indoors if you can, but I'm guessing that if you live in NYC, you can't. After waking up in an ice-cold bed, I talked myself out of going to my favorite gym class (yes, the one taught by the beloved Carl), opting instead to work out with my library of 80's-tastic workout videos, which include such embarrassing titles as The Firm: Ab Sculpt. As much as I want to make fun of the bottle-blonde, implanted, and spray-tanned instructor and what looks like a gaggle of her sorority sisters, this one REALLY works so I can't hate. I also own Underground Kickboxing with Guillermo Gomez. Unforeseen bonus: I get to practice my Spanish while I jab. Consequently, my inner monologue while working out frequently occurs in said language.

I digress. Back to the cold weather that prevented gym-going. I am in search of new long gloves and have just fallen in love with a bright pair that seem to promise toasty warmth while also being stylish. These Marc by Marc Jacobs Merino Long Gloves feature a two-tone red/navy combo and a chic brass button at the top. $98 @ Shopbop.

Wintry times like this also call for a war on dry hands, so I'll divulge my latest weapon for keeping "unnecessary roughness" at bay. Cucina, the Italian-inspired kitchen brand best known for their pricy dish soap, also has great lotions that'll keep your hands velvety smooth with ingredients like olive oil. I keep a full size pump bottle for the kitchen and a portable pot of the stuff for the handbag. It's available at, but it looks like the mini pot is in-store only.

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  1. Hey! this is wendy from anthro! ^_^ I love those gloves! and yess this weather kept me from the gym this morning as well :-( funny story, my mom bought that ab sculpt vid ages ago, and from time to time i pop it in, effective workout i must say!

  2. Haha --- and here I was thinking I had to be the only person who owned it. Great to hear from you, Wendy. Tell the Anthrolytes I said hi!