Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vestal Virgin?

Vestal is a company that aims to design clothing and accessories for musically inclined persons. Their brand marketing strategy relies chiefly on word of mouth through friends and associates involved in the music scene. If this stellar watch collection is any indication, they'll be churning out some hits of their own. I love that their range seems to encompass a variety of personalities -- the three styles selected below instantly made me think of three very different male friends.

This vintage throwback style is great for a modern rockabilly-esque boy I know, and would look great on his scrawny (sorry!), beflanneled, PBR-clutching arm (not mocking, just saying). I heart the wood paneling on the face. Reminds me of the dash he would have on his car, if he owned one. His musical taste runs toward classic rock and soul, or modern bands that sound like ghosts of the past. He loves his Curtis Mayfield, and one of my favorite memories with him is of an incredible Kings of Leon show we saw in the summer of '05, back when I lived in SF. Monte Carlo watch in gold/wood, $202 @ 80's Purple.

The Monte Carlo in black is perfect for a tastefully stylish doctor friend of mine. He appreciates beautiful design but doesn't like to call attention to himself. The matte black finish on this is sleek and understated, and I like that the face is also black. Musical inspirations include Radiohead, Royksopp, and Massive Attack. $202 @ 80's Purple.

The Destroyer watch features holes in the band and would be perfectly suited for my über-stylish, modern-design-loving friend. Electro and hip hop really do it for him, and I love him for turning me on to Ghosthustler and Sebastien Tellier. $176 @ 80's Purple.

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  1. I would wear any of these. And enjoy their respective musical associations. But, I think I am more of the Black Monte Carlo/Massive Attack type of guy.

    PS: Notcouture has been giving you props lately.

  2. I like all of them, too. If I were a dude, I'd probably alternate according to my mood.

    Oddly enough, friend number two (of Black Monte Carlo/Massive Attack fame) is the one who turned me on to notcot. I'm not really sure how I functioned without it.