Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Modern Love

Whether in a relationship or not, I've never really done Valentine's day. It just ain't my thang. I prefer spontaneity to premeditated displays of affection. Today, for example, is a perfect day to be snowed in with the significant other. The delightfully unexpected sight of snow blanketing the streets, sidewalks, and tops of cars beneath one's window makes for a perfect excuse to stay cozied up indoors with movies and hot chocolate, nestled in piles of pillows and throws.

Since I won't be doling out suggestions for Valentine's date dresses or tacky red lingerie, I figured I should offer something in its stead. I happened across someecards.com ("ecards for when you care enough to hit send") via an email from a friend. The site offers e-cards of the not-so-nice variety. Their viciously funny stock covers everything from breakups to "courtesy hello." If you're feeling particulary snarky this year, try one of these:

Photo credit: www.someecards.com

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