Thursday, February 14, 2008

Trynna Make Me Go to Gym Class . . .

I won't go, go, go. I totally hated P.E. class growing up. In the musty gymnasiums of any of the five schools I attended, I was probably the most apathetic ball dodger, long jumper, or chinner upper you ever saw. Save a brief period of squash playing and a couple of seasons of archery, I guess I just wasn't that competitive. It's not that I was inactive -- I spent the majority of my childhood riding my bike, enjoyed playing outdoors, had two brothers to toss a ball around with, and entertained the idea of a life spent on roller skates -- I just had a lot more fun when no one was keeping score. As an adult, I enjoy taking all manner of classes at my gym, where the only competition is with myself.

One thing I do miss about gym class, however, is the supremely soft tees. There was nothing cozier than those old, oversized shirts, worn into a state of heavenly softness by countless washings. I was thrilled to discover American Apparel's track tee, which mimics all that I love about those old gym uniforms, but fits a lot better. $12 @ 80's Purple, or American Apparel stores worldwide.

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