Friday, April 11, 2008


Totally eating my words re: the arrival of Spring in these parts. After writing yesterday's post, I walked outside to the most beautiful weather we've seen in ages. At long last, some jackets you'll actually get to wear:

If you're experiencing withdrawal issues from your wintry, lumberjack plaid jacket, ease the transition with a lightweight style in a lighter, Spring-appropriate palette. Modern Amusement Rhythm Breaker Jacket, $155 @ Tobi.

Winter is for dirty chic. Spring is all about the fresh and clean. This crisp white hoodie screams, "I launder my clothes and bathe frequently." If cleanliness makes you uncomfortable, you could dirty it up a bit by tumbling around in the grass at the park, or getting socked with a dusty kickball. But seriously, I'm so over dirty-on-purpose. Boys, TAKE A SHOWER. We will reward you for it (and no longer make that face when snuggling up next to you). Cabral Rigsfield Jacket, $99 @ Tobi.

I never thought I'd use the words "lovely" and "windbreaker" in the same sentence, but this is truly the most high fashion version I've ever seen, and it's priced accordingly. Check out the detail shot. Rag & Bone Anorak Pullover Jacket, $495 @ Tobi.

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