Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Power of the Apple

This is a nice, slim laptop bag that doesn't shout "I belong to a commuting, cube-dwelling bore of a man." Chrome bags are made by hand. The strap is optional, and you have to pay an extra $9 for it. I prefer it without, à la briefcase. Two sizes are available, and I love that they use only MacBook specs to describe them, either because they assume that's all anyone uses anymore, or that Mac users can't be bothered to know the dimensions of their toys. $34 @ Context.

Speaking of Macs, did anyone catch that Gawker piece on a recent study by Duke University researchers that suggests that just looking at the Apple logo makes people more creative? You might want to slap those extra logo stickers they give you with just about every Apple product all over everything. I think I'll put one over that place I like to stare at on the wall, and probably my shoes as well. You can read details on the study here.

Photo credit: www.contextclothing.com

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