Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On a New York Spring

I have a love-hate relationship with New York. On the whole, I love the city and all that it offers, and wouldn't trade the adventures I've had here for anything. I love my friends here, enjoy my work, and am generally living the kind of life I want to be living right now. This sunny picture gets drastically repainted come cold weather, however, as I simply cannot stand the cold and find myself wondering why I subject myself to New York winters. It becomes a laborious life riddled with hardship, as simple tasks seem brutal in inclement weather. Getting the groceries becomes a perilous adventure on icy sidewalks, running out for a bite seems like scavenging for food, and interaction with the city becomes hurried, as one is always in a rush to get indoors. It sometimes feels like New York hates you.

But the thing about those dispiriting moments is that when the sun finally does shine on the city, everyone appreciates it all the more. We become happier, relaxed, tanned, and sexier versions of ourselves. Unrestricted by weather conditions, we find ourselves at liberty to live in the moment and do as we please. Would we be able to experience this collective buzz without having suffered winter's doldrums? As often as I wished I could teleport myself back to California during the bleaker months, experiencing the euphoria of an NYC Spring has made me decidedly pro seasons.

I'm all about relishing this time of year and being as obnoxiously decadent and hedonistic as your winter-frozen heart desires. So go on and splurge on expensive gourmet gelato every day. Linger for hours at sidewalk cafes until the tops of your shoulders are sunburnt. And sip lemonade between rounds of croquet in Trovata's preppy chic.

Trovata Talia Cotton Tunic, $169 @ Standard Style. Ditch the platforms and opt for leather sandals.
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