Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring Fever

Today is going to be one of those long, busy days without a moment to bask in the sun, which seems to have found us again after a prolonged absence. It's really a shame, because from the looks of it, rainbows are flourishing everywhere, unicorns are prancing through the streets, and everyone is falling in love. If you are lounging languorously on a deck chair or sipping drinks at a sidewalk cafe right now, I hate you.

What to wear on a day when you want to play the part of a carefree woman of leisure, but don't exactly have time to stop and get drunk off the smell of flowers bursting open in the park? This easy dress makes for an instant spring/summer outfit. Throw it on over your bathing suit and add sunscreen, aviators, and gladiator sandals. And get those errands done by bicycle.

DKNY Spaghetti strap dress, $175, available @ Net-a-Porter.

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