Friday, July 18, 2008

In Memory of Back-to-School Shopping

Pre-fall merch is already arriving in stores, and even though it's been ages since I was in grade school, as each September nears, I can't seem to help but get into back-to-school shopping mode. Eager to see what's in store this year, I trawled the web in search of looks redolent of early fall, when the atmosphere is still warm, but a slight crispness has crept into it almost imperceptibly, and heralds the chill to come. The smell of the wind changes and carries with it a sharpness reminiscent of chilled white wine with mossy notes.

This is what I'd call a back-to-school jacket for a young adult male. The style is boyish, hearkening back to the sporty windbreakers you wore as a little kid. The playful, colored stripe funs it up enough to show you don't take yourself so seriously (yet), but the tailored fit and muted (read: grown up) brown hue unmistakably identify you as a guy who puts a little thought into what he wears. Plus, it's too stylish for your mother to have picked out.

Diesel Jiosy Jacket, $280 @ Revolve.

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