Thursday, July 3, 2008

J. Lindeberg Love

My friend Hamad visited me this week and was in a shopping mood, so I took him to the J. Lindeberg store in SoHo yesterday, where there was a major sale in progress. Steeply discounted merch plus a pleasant, helpful sales staff made for a happy shopping experience. While Hammy tried on outfits in the fitting room, I drooled over a narrow-lapel blazer that looked amazing on a tall, rakish boy who waltzed into the store with an entourage. He was almost as hot as the blazer.

Though we lusted after a lovely light grey trench and a comfy striped hoodie, they weren't available in Hamad's size (size runs are pretty broken right now). He still made out with a couple of terrific finds, though, and I suggest you NYC boys check it out. If you're not within shopping range, I've compiled a lookbook of 20 J. Lindeberg pieces for you to peruse, as well as a couple of ties to covet.

The Fortyfive tie in grey or black. $113 each @ S|Sense.

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