Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Boys Are Back in Town

Just like the leaves turning color or morning frost gathering on my window, the return of the NYU kids heralds the arrival of fall, at least in my neck of the 'hoods (which, according to Menupages, is "Central Village/NoHo"). As if the sidewalks swarming with collegiates (who always seem to travel in herds), the long lines at Au Bon Pain, and the getting-to-know-you chatter of first-time roommates at my nail salon weren't enough, tonight I was forced to remember yet another unpleasant aspect of their reappearance: the inane flirtations of obnoxious NYU boys. Someday, I might come to appreciate the fact that I still look like I'm 20. Today is not that day, and NYU-infested environs are not the place.

The scene: Me, cold and shivering on East Village street corner, waiting for light to change so I can cross street and sprint homeward, while trying to ignore group of loud, drunken fratty types next to me.
One of Them: Hey, are you cold?
Me: (pretending not to hear)
Me: Uh, no, I'm fine. And wondering when the eff this light will change.
OoT: Well, I'd give you my shirt, but then all I'd have is this six-pack.

All of them erupt in laughter. And so begins another nine months . . .

Anyway, it's nearly fall, and that boy will soon be in need of a jacket, which means he'll no longer be able to bother girls shivering on street corners with that particular line. This slim-fitting jacket is a great for a starter, and will layer nicely over tees. Vasuma Harley Jacket in grey, $158 @ 111vox.

It features interesting details, like unnecessary zippers . . .

. . . and fun orange lining. Secret pocket, too!
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