Thursday, August 21, 2008

In Which I Anger My Angeleno Readership

Despite the fact that some of the friends and family I most adore hail from the region, I remain steadfastly and vehemently anti-LA, preferring the spirit of NoCal to the soulless, man-made, and frighteningly vapid nature that characterizes much of the sprawling, smog-shrouded megalopolis. I shudder at the thought of its crispy, orange-skinned denizens swarming its beaches and clogging its eight-lane superhighways, vexing me with their appallingly homogenous (read: plastic) aesthetic. Overly muscled and overly sexed, I just find it to be a vulgar place. I've spent many a vacation there that starts out promising (reunions with old friends, picturesque drives along PCH, multiple runs to In-N-Out Burger), but has me itching to get the hell out by trip's end.

Despite my bias, it never ceases to amaze me that wonderful things do come out of LA. I'm especially enamored of Wren, the one-year-old label from LA-based fashion industry veteran Melissa Coker. Coker crafts pieces that are elegant and refined, yet somehow retain a youthfulness and laid-back attitude. Here are some picks from her Fall 2008.

I tried on a bright blue version of this skating skirt yesterday at Mick Margo and found it a bit too poufy for me, but I'm sure it would look darling on someone who doesn't have hips.

I love the richness of this color combination, and the casual cardigan makes it a little less serious.

Simple lines are beautifully articulated in a bright, bold hue. Add a gilded accessory and it's a winning look.

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  1. you're on the wrong side of LA! Come East - Silverlake, Los Feliz, Pasadena'll find a hole other vibe!