Monday, August 25, 2008

Reunited! (And it Feels So Good).

Early this year, I wandered into Catbird in search of nothing in particular. Standing in front of the jewelry case, this werewolf ring caught my eye. It found its way onto my finger, and seemed to bring me luck for many moons. We were pals -- I even dubbed him Michael J. -- until one day, I must've been fidgeting with it, as I am wont to do with anything fidgetable, and in the constant taking on and off, misplaced it somewhere. I only remember the empty, ominous feeling I had upon recovering from that particularly debauched weekend, attempting to get dressed mid-hangover, and wondering where the hell it went. I tried to trace its disappearance, but found few clues other than photographs taken on a Friday, in which it was clearly visible on my middle finger, to Sunday, when it was conspicuously absent. I bitterly lamented its loss and the reversal of my fortunes, cursing myself for my negligence. I couldn't remember the name of the designer, and spent the next couple of months hopelessly recalling our time together. A random Google search last week, however, produced a result for Supermarket, the Brooklyn-based online marketplace for everything from clothing to furniture from independent designers. It turned out the designer of my beloved ring had a page there. I went into paroxysms of delight and snatched up another one right quick, promising myself that I'd take better care of it this time.

Species by the Thousands wolf ring in silver, $80 @ Supermarket.

A word about the designers to whom I owe my rapturous happiness, from their Supermarket profile:

Species by the Thousands is artist design team Erica Bradbury and Michele Colomer. They combine their talents for painting, drawing and design to create a variety of items for the body and home. They respect the earth so it only makes sense that their creations are made from sustainable materials such as vintage, reclaimed metals, organic and recycled fibers.
I'll be posting more great Supermarket finds later this week, but for now, let us take four minutes and eight seconds to bask in this moment, courtesy of Peaches & Herb.

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