Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Skinny Wallet

If, like me, you're curbing your spending habits these days, having less disposable income might also call for a slimdown for your wallet. Bulky ones were never too pretty anyway. I like this ultra flat style from Max + Unicorn. Made of just one piece of leather, it'll probably hold just your Metrocard, ATM & credit, and maybe enough cash for an evening drink (depending on what and where you drink), with just enough room left over to squeeze in a phone number. But I guess you'd probably just store the number on your cell phone, which begs the question, why do people still write down numbers in the movies? Despite the fact that mobiles appear on the big screen, the handwritten exchange still occurs, usually scrawled across a bar napkin, and often delivered with a wink, foreshadowing the mischief to come. I suppose it's more interesting that way, and it's hard to imagine a starlet standing there winking as the leading man inputs her digits into his cell phone and asks how to spell her name.

Max + Unicorn Bi-fold Wallet, $90 @ Refinery29. The crossed gun logo adds a cute touch. I think I just used the words "gun" and "cute" in the same sentence. It is not a good morning.

Closed . . .
Open . . .
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