Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Splurge: Sexy Blazer

This impossibly sexy Raf blazer is even more gorgeous in person. I couldn't stop touching it, eliciting wary glances from sales staff. After I'd had a sufficient eyeful, I left and decided to share it with le monde . . . or at least its internet-using, sexy-blazer-appreciating inhabitants.

I'm hoping you have a sexy bank account, too, because as with all things Raf, it'll cost you a pretty penny. If you're really desperate, there is a financial plan I can suggest (although I can't say it's in your best interest to take financial advice from me) . It's called Ramen Noodles, or more casually, The Noodle Plan. Just be sure not to survive on them for too long -- I heard a story about a kid in college who subsisted on the stuff for four months and got scurvy. Yes, really. And he wasn't even a pirate type. If you're smart, you'll leave the malnourishment to marauders of the high seas and wait until it goes on sale.

Raf by Raf Simons Woven Blazer, $798 @ Oak.

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