Monday, August 18, 2008

Three Ways to Spend $66

Three options for the fall wardrobe you should be planning in your head, brought to you by Brown Sound.

This is the back-to-school sweater your mother might've bought you, if you were still in school. Great Escape Sweater, $66 @ 80's Purple.

This is a really nice, soft charcoal. Wear it with the sleeves rolled up to 3/4 length and you've got your new go-to shirt for after-work escapades. Rudy Can't Fail Shirt, $66 @ 80's Purple.

Steve McQueen references are always okay in my book. Bullitt Plaid Shirt, $66 @ 80's Purple.
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  1. I LOVE THE MODEL. He reminds me of Mark Ronson. Amirite?