Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nostalgic for More Prosperous Times

I just can't listen to the news anymore. I think I've gone officially nutso after watching the financial apocalypse unfold before my eyes for the past few days, and I'm thisclose to turning off the telly, walking over to my closet to put on a glittering gown and all of my jewelry, and sitting in a rocking chair to gently creak it out as the world around me crumbles. Hundreds of years later, they'll uncover my skeleton, and perhaps it will be wearing one of these decadent, nostalgia-tinged numbers:

If I wanted to go out in shiny disco glory, I might pick this Diabless Betina Sequin Dress, now $263 (was $526) @ Goldyn.

Or perhaps I'd choose to outfit my remains in old money refinery. Mon Petit Oiseau Bianca Dress, now $184.80 (was $264) @ Goldyn.

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  1. I love this idea and I love the top dress so much. Everybody needs to find something to be happy about, why not start with something simple?

  2. Great work finding that Oiseau dress! It's absolutely fantastic!

    That rich yellow, almost buttery, COMPLETELY complements the brocade-ish quality of the fabric. I'm salivating! That kind of dress begs to be in an editorial piece. Am I the only reader though, that would find it problematic to actually wear? Though understated, it's comes off as so 1950's that I'd be afraid of almost look costume-y were I to actually wear it out and about.

  3. SS, I'm embarrassed at how happy clothes can make me sometimes. There's always that piece in one's closet, be it a party dress or favorite house pants, that feels wonderful to have on.

  4. Carolyn, I actually hesitated a bit before posting it for that very reason. I'm thinking the trick would be in the way you chose to style it. I'm picturing it with an edgy haircut, chunky bangles, and sky high Louboutins for a vintage-meets-modern look. Perhaps a fitted cardigan would tone it down a bit without losing the silhouette? What do you think?