Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Online Shopping the Only Way to Deal With Candidates' Views on Economic Woes

I'm currently sitting in bed watching Anderson Cooper, and have discovered that the sound of Sarah Palin's voice is something akin to a drill boring through my skull. Not exactly what I wanted to hear before turning in for the night, so I'll turn my attention to more pleasant thoughts, such as these lovely fall coats.

*WAIT! Before I share them with you, I have to interrupt. Did I really just hear a woman call Barack "Baruch Obama" in an attempt to appeal to Jewish voters in Florida? The magic of DVR allows me to confirm that yes, I did. Sigh. The coats, now.

A positively swoon-worthy romantic number by Heidi Merrick. Faye Coat, $530. Available for pre-order @ Language. Expected delivery is 9/20, so . . . tomorrow.

Cozy and city-chic. Vicky Coat by Rojas, $148 @ Lola y Maria.

A. Cheng's cape is stylish while hiding a multitude of winter sins, like abandoned gym schedules and one too many nights in with take-out. $375 @ Ravinstyle.
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