Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fashion Hurts

Ouch. I'm dealing with some carpal tunnel and finding it difficult to type, so it's going to take me ages to peck out a post with one finger. Sigh.

Here are some more wallet-friendly boy coats for your perusal, courtesy of Black Rivet. You'll only be $140 poorer, and a lot more dapper(er).

Black Hooded Wool Coat, $140 @ 80's Purple. Looks pretty simple at first gander, and the built-in hood takes the guesswork (and some among you might say, the fun) out of layering.

BUT! Check out the crafty little zipper hidden inside. It keeps out those sneaky breezes that like to creep their way between the buttons. Take that, winter! The pose says it all . . .

I also like this plaid guy. Plaid Peacoat in Grey, $140 @ 80's Purple.
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