Monday, October 20, 2008

Hankering for Heels

Though it's with a twinge of sadness that I glance forlornly over my shoulder at a lovely summer gone by, early fall offers a refreshing change of wardrobe that I'm eager to play with. This is the time of year when I trade in the flip flops for dressier looks like towering heels, a phase which lasts until icy sidewalks render it hazardous and brutally cold subway treks render me lazy.

This year, I suspect I'll ditch them sooner, if only because the West Chelsea environs of my workplace turn rather sketchy after dark, and as surprisingly nimble as I can be in heels, they aren't the best things to be wearing if one should ever need to sprint away from trouble. I find the quiet, shadowy blocks between the office and subway to be teeming with weirdos lurking in dark corners, and every evening I cautiously scan the sidewalks left and right, eyes darting back and forth with suspicion as I walk briskly towards safety, doing my best tough girl (which is quite laughable, I'm sure). So agitating is this daily walk that today when a woman stopped me to ask for directions, I nearly flung my handbag at her and dashed away in fright.

Anyway, here are some heels worth obsessing over, until foul weather/laziness/fear kicks in and they get passed over for the flat boots.

Zippered booties are everywhere, and Cynthia Vincent does them up nicely. Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Allison Zip Front Platform Bootie, $350 @ Shopbop.

I recently bought these and absolutely love them. The picture really doesn't do them justice -- they're actually a much more vibrant shade of berry, and the heel seems a lot higher in person. They look great on their own, but also work well with black or grey tights. Dolce Vita Cher Cutout Bootie, 172 @ Shopbop.
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