Thursday, October 23, 2008

Winter Warmers, Men's Edition

There was a kid I went to middle school with who always showed up at the bus stop in Umbro shorts and wet hair, no matter how low the temperature dropped. My adolescent self alternately tsked at him in my head for his unflagging desire to catch cold and marveled at his ability to withstand the biting chill, perhaps as a subversive gesture to tell winter it could go f*%^ itself. I stared at the back of his head of white-blond hair with curiosity, suspecting that he must be of Viking stock.

We moved away, so I never got to find out whether he eventually wised up or lost any limbs to frostbite, but I still shiver at the recollection. I sincerely hope none of you share his habit, courting pneumonia this winter with insufficient clothing. Some suggestions:

B. Son Merino Wool Button Scarf, $143 @ Context.

B. Son Merino Wool Checked Scarf, $143 @ Context.

Opening Ceremony Hat
, $143 @ Tobi.

Chronicles of Never Tube Scarf, $68 @ Revolve.
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