Thursday, December 25, 2008

Shopping the Christmas Leftovers

Being as averse to the cold as I am, I've been perfectly content to waddle about town all winter in my puffy marshmallow of a coat. Nevermind that I've been told it resembles a sleeping bag -- all that matters to me is that it feels like a sleeping bag, swaddling me in its down-filled warmth (and also cushioning me from the blows of errant handbags of passerby, the hard plastic of the subway seat, and the occasional slip on black ice. Once it warms up a bit, I'll go back to the cute jackets currently languishing in my closet, but for now, I prefer to remain snug as a bug.

Today's mission: to find stylish jackets for under $200. Prior to my recession-induced lobotomy, I would have thought this exceedingly difficult.

It was shockingly easy. Witness the spoils of my conquest:

Imitation of Christ's Anselm Trench is dark and moody. It's now $77 (yes, really -- was $308).

Endovanera's Wicked Piece Jacket would be great to wear just as a top. Try with boots and leggings now, and as a breezy coverup dress come summer. Now $110 (was $120).

I love the way this falls. It reminds me of something Little Red Riding Hood might wear, after she grew up and moved to the city. Viola Hooded Coat by Joie, now down to $199 from $568.

No matter how bad our economic situation gets, there are some things that just never go on sale, like the Loeffler Randall Matilde boot, or a Mike & Chris leather jacket. Here's something that comes close to the latter's greatness, and at a fraction of the cost. Soia & Kyo Kymia Hooded Leather Jacket, now $187 (was $374).

Simply beautiful. Twinkle by Wenlan "Cubist's Dream" Coat, $117 (was $468).

With all that black and grey in one's arsenal of coats, it's nice to fun it up a bit with a splash of color. This lovely blue trench looks like it came straight off the back of a chic Parisian starlet from the 60's. Pair with a slick yellow umbrella and you'll be puddle-jumping with aplomb. Trina Turk Davey Water Resistant Jacket, now $210 (I know, $10 over budget, but consider that it used to be $598).

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  1. hi! i just wanted to let you know that i love this blog. what makes me love it more was your "losing the trappings" post. i too have felt little desire to shop, though i eye longingly.

    ...which is why i hope to see more posts like this one. great pieces for great prices. love your style and hope to see more!