Monday, December 1, 2008

Ties to Try

Winter fashion isn't all about disappearing into your hoodies and puffer coats until the first thaw of spring. As tempting as it may be to shelve your more dapper duds in favor of the warm and snuggly, it's nice to be able to shed those slovenly cold-weather habits once in a while and throw everyone for a loop. Surprise your date, show up your coworkers, or pay some old-fashioned respect at family gatherings by donning a tie (sigh . . . how lamentable that good manners are actually considered "throwback"), or flagrantly flout these times of economic hardship by dressing to the nines (ooh, irony points). Pair it with a beat up blazer for some offbeat charm, or tuck it under a slim-fitting v-neck sweater. Don't forget to run a comb through your hair, lest an auntie slick it back with a lick of her finger.

J. Lindeberg Sixtyfive Single Stripe Silk Tie, $98 @ Oak.

J. Lindeberg Slim Grey Tie, $98 @ Oak.

Lova Silk Tie in Blue, $118 @ Revolve.

Filippa K Thin Mega Check Tie in Frost, $99 @ Revolve.

Band of Outsiders Silver Ground Reverse Thistle, $135.

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