Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adieu, Riptides

This week I am mourning the loss of my favorite flip flops, which broke tragically on Sunday afternoon as I was crossing Avenue A to meet my friend Sam for brunch at Westville. The thong became severed from the wooden sole, leaving me to limp across the street as if shot in the leg. We pondered my predicament, trying to determine where I might be able to get a replacement as quickly as possible. The hostess did her bit to help by providing tape, which worked for about half a block. I then wondered, as I often do when I find myself in tough situations, what MacGuyver would do. I was inspired to use my ponytail elastic to strap the shoe to my foot. When that failed another half block later, I resorted to a piggy back ride.

We gimped our way to Buffalo Exchange (where there wasn't anything simple and basic in my size), Pas de Deux (where I wasn't willing to part with nearly $300 for a pair of basic black Repetto flats), and finally, Urban Outfitters (where I ended up getting a woven sandal for $20). I didn't exactly love my new footwear, but they solved my problem. Many thanks to all the lovely, sympathetic sales associates (apparently everyone has "been there") at all three stores for helping me in my hour of need, and to Sam for lending his services as a transport animal.

As my dearly departed flip flops were hopelessly beyond repair, they were discarded laid to rest in a trashcan somewhere along the way to the theater to see Inglourious Basterds. The simple, minimal Ashley Dearborn Riptide sandals I left behind featured slim straps in the perfect shade of dull platinum and, for the last four summers, had taken me everywhere from beachside vacations to day-to-day errands to nights out on the town. I'd actually gotten them for free because the designer's line was sold at a boutique I worked at in SF, and she gifted the employees with a pair of the best-selling style.
I tried to find the same shoes again, but I kept getting an error message on the Ashley Dearborn website. They seem to be out of stock. I've tried similar styles from other brands, but they're just not the same. J. Crew's leather capri sandal is the closest I've come to finding a suitable replacement, but the silver is a bit too shiny for my taste. Anyone have any recommendations?

Photo credit: www.ashleydearborn.com

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