Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flirty Little Indulgences

I live far too close to lingerie boutique Journelle than is healthy for my wallet, and I've often found myself at their register with plastic in hand and head hung in shame as I give in to their pretty little temptations, fully aware of the Ramen-and-hot-dogs diet I'll have to take up to afford the damage. Founder Claire Chambers sure knows how to pick 'em. I can't afford even one of these lovely items at present, but my independently wealthy, fantasy alter ego can, and this is what she's after:

Horribly impractical but so terribly beautiful.  The Lake & Stars Truce Romper, $252.

I'm pretty sure the Greek goddesses wore underthings that looked like this. Damaris Ophelia soft bra, $160, and bow knicker, $140.


This Jean Yu-designed silken robe is the ultimate in luxury lounging. Matters of Leisure Townhouse Mini Robe, $358.

Charming blush-colored, silk-accented pyjamas are reminiscent of Old Hollywood starlets.  Myla Claudette Pyjama top, $148, and pants, $130.

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  1. These are so pretty. I want the Lake and Stars jumper thing! Actually, I want pretty much everything they make. Have you tried on?

  2. these are all absolutely beautiful. Amazing!

  3. @maryjanes: No, I've been staying far away from Journelle because I'm too afraid to try them on. If I like, I'll have to have. I'm one of those people that goes into a fitting room hoping something looks horrible so I don't have to buy.

    @Becca Jane: Their products are made all the more beautiful by the fact that Mayaan, one of the designers, is a total sweetie. When I first started the blog, I posted one of her items and she wrote to me personally to thank me.